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Mexico Publications

The 21st Century Power Partnership publications provide information about and analysis of market design and regulatory issues for clean energy and 21st century power systems. Published work appears in scientific journals and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory publications database.

Mexico Clean Energy Report
April 2022
Mexico is ideally positioned to become a clean energy powerhouse given its world-class renewable energy resource potential and the low cost of renewable energy generation. This report highlights how rapid growth in renewable energy deployment in Mexico could generate high levels of investment, increase energy access, reduce costs to consumers, and—together with other actions—improve the reliability and resilience of Mexico's power system.

Impacts Analysis of Amendments to Mexico's Unit Commitment and Dispatch Rules
January 2022
This report quantifies the potential impacts on Mexico's power systems of amendments both published and under discussion to Mexico's electricity legal framework, along with market rules that would modify the way electricity generators are committed and dispatched.

Mexico and the 21st Century Power Partnership
May 2019
This fact sheet provides an overview of the mission and objectives and recent activities for 21CPP work in Mexico.

Opportunities for Battery Storage Technologies in Mexico
October 2018
This report provides a high-level summary of the role that battery storage technologies can play in Mexico's transition toward higher penetrations of variable renewable energy generation.

First Steps in the Smart Grid Framework: An Optimal and Feasible Pathway Toward Power System Reform in Mexico
June 2018
This report describes for Mexico's Ministry of Energy (SENER) an overall approach (Optimal Feasible Pathway) for moving forward with smart grid policy development in Mexico to enable increasing electric generation from renewable energy in a way that optimizes system stability and reliability in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Demand Response Compensation Methodologies: Case Studies for Mexico
June 2018
This report examines various compensation methodologies for demand response programs in Mexico. This report presents three case studies, including New England, California, and Hawaii. Demand response (DR) can refer to a variety of approaches to changing the amount and timing of customers' electricity use, allowing the electricity supplier to more easily balance electricity supply and demand.

The Status and Outlook of Distributed Generation Public Policy in Mexico
May 2018
This report summarizes the current status of distributed generation markets, laws, and regulations in Mexico to provide readers with a common foundation of knowledge to support Mexico's public policy development. This includes an explanation of core distributed generation issues, opportunities, and prospects for Mexico.

Mexico and the 21st Century Power Partnership
May 2018
This fact sheet provides an overview of the mission and objectives, and recent activities for 21CPP work in Mexico.

Mexico's Regulatory Engagement in Bulk Electric Power System Planning: An Overview of U.S. Practices and Tools
June 2016
Mexico's transition to a modern wholesale power market will place new demands on how regulators evaluate and approve transmission expansion projects. Transmission projects in a modern wholesale market fulfill one of several needs, and utilities, regional transmission organizations (RTOs), and regulatory authorities in the United States have encountered comparable challenges in their market transitions to ensure projects meeting each type of need can be built. The purpose of this report is to open a window to view that experience. The report examines key practices of different U.S. jurisdictions that have moved from transmission planning to transmission approval, and it focuses on the role of the regulator in supporting a planning process that equitably meets identified needs.